Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Don Brash Affair

Lots of silly words being written about this - including a surprisingly clumsy piece by Aardvark's Bruce Simpson in which he manages to raise what for him is clearly the spectre of a possibly gay Prime Minister, and a torrent of pieces of such silliness that David Farrar deleted the lot of 'em and imposed temporary moderation on his readers.

And they say MPs are badly behaved.

Most of the comment I've seen doesn't address what for me is the real issue: not that Dr Brash enjoys adultery so much he's a repeat offender, but the fact that this is distracting attention away from National's effective campaign about Labour's presumed misuse of public money for its campaign.

Gerry Brownlee's excellent performance on National Radio on Tuesday afternoon, during which Pete Hodgson flatly, and I think improperly, asserted that Labour would not be repaying anything while Brownlee sensibly addressed the whole issue of party funding, now falls by the wayside in favor of a media feeding frenzy concentrating on what Dr Brash has done, when and where, with which of his lady friends.

I think it's sad that his relationship has deteriorated to the point that he doesn't feel like telling his wife where he is and who he's seeing.

But I'm not all that interested in the minutiae of another man's life, and I think it's a shame that it's been allowed to divert attention from the good things that National members have been saying lately.

If I were Brownlee, or Bill English, or Simon Power or any of the other National members, I would be seriously pissed off about the latest revelations. It's almost as if Dr Brash has single-handedly walked across the House to lift the Labour front bench off the hook over Taito Phillip Field, off the hook over the pledge card funding, off the hook over the latest disaster in the health system and even off the hook over their summary dismissal - err, refusal to renew the contract - of the Electricity Commissioner.


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