Thursday, September 07, 2006

NZ Telecom is at it again!

The company we love to hate has put its usual foot forward, as it wriggles and struggles to get out from under the government's planned telco regulation bill.

Full of fine words and implicit threats to anyone living outide the larger cities, Telecom was reassuringly its usual obfuscatory self in frot of the legislators, and failed notably to impress John Key (National) who might have been expected to be onside with the big company facing the heavy hand of regulation.

But Key is nobody's fool and recognised that one of the main reasons Kiwis have such contempt for Telecom is that it has, so far, behaved pretty contemptuously to its customers.

We can hope that the lawmakers will not be distracted from their task, and that a framework will be enacted that allows Telecom, and all the others who would like to be in the telco sector, to make a living and a profit without gouging Kiwis at home and at work.

The Herald report is here:

That will be the day...


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