Monday, September 18, 2006

Wishartful thinking

What a nasty man

Ian Wishart, a self-styled "journalist" has published another edition of his Investigate magazine, in which he says he does not claim that Dr Peter Davies, long time husband of the Prime Minister, is homosexual. All he's done, he says, is print a picture of Dr Davies and Dr Ian Scott in a hug on election night last year. Ian Scott is openly gay, and is also a long-standing friend of Dr Davis and Helen Clark. Wishart tries to suggest that the picture should make us suspect all kinds of things, nudge nudge wink wink.

But he doesn't claimn to tell us why the private life of the PM's husband for the last 28 years should be of any concern to anyone outside their marriage.

In fact there's a long list of things Wishart doesn't claim, which may well include honour, journalistic credibility, mana and more.

It would be interesting to explore his connections with the loony religious right, not least the nauseating Exclusive Brethren whose corrupt interpretation of Christian dogma is an affront to human rights and family values. I bet he never writes a word about it.

It is all gossip and tittle-tattle, and reflects Wishart's unhealthy obsession with what other people do in bed.

Perhaps that is where Wishart's problems really lie.


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